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I have a cash buyer making competitive offers on houses like yours right now. They’re looking for homes that are in relatively good condition, on medium-sized lots, and around the average price point in the Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch area.

They offer flexible closings. Whether you’re ready to move right away or need time to prep a move, we can make it happen.

If the time is right for you, I’m excited to help you investigate all your selling options. Want to know if this is a fit for you? Give us a call.

Get a CASH Offer

It’s my job to stay on top of all trends affecting the real estate landscape. One such trend is the rise of iBuyers—large cash buyers who are able to help sellers get an offer quickly, close on their schedule, and avoid showings and open houses.

As a certified specialist in iBuyers and other cash buyers, I can walk you through the process, help you get an offer, and compare it to what you might be able to get on the open market.

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Traditional Home Sales

  • Goal to retain more equity for the seller
  • Time to close 30 to 60 days
  • Upfront cost for repairs, staging, buyer’s closing costs
  • Open houses. showings, keeping the home and yard clean
  • Buyer contingencies
  • Seller must move out ASAP
  • Seller pays both seller’s and buyer’s agent commissions
  • Seller’s agent represents sellers, buyer’s agent represents buyers

iBuyer Home Sales

  • Charges (fee & repair credit) can be 6% to 8% or higher
  • No showings, staging open houses or coordinating repairs
  • Fast cash closing & control over closing date
  • Removes seller contingency for purchase of next home
  • Seller has up to 90 days to move out (up to 9 months if building a new home)
  • Seller’s agent represents sellers, brings the offer to the sellers, negotiates the price, repair fees.
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