HOA Rules and Pets – 5 Things You NEED to Know

Victoria and Dave Ranck
Victoria and Dave Ranck
Published on May 13, 2020

HOA Rules and Pets – 5 Things You NEED to Know
Most HOAs (Homeowners Associations) have rules concerning pets. If you are thinking of buying a home in Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch or Venice it is important that you understand these rules. For more information on Hoemowners Assocations in Sarasota visit www.VictoriaRanck.com

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00:35 – HOA Rules and pets overview
01:20 – #1 HOA Pet Rules Rules Vary
02:15 – #2 HOA Documents
02:50 – #3 Types of Pet Rules
04:00 – #4 Renting Your Home
04:30 – #5 Service Animals
05:30 – Summary

If you are thinking of buying a home in Sarasota or anywhere in Florida, it is likely that you will look at homes located in a community with an HOA (Homeowners Association). If it’s a gated community, you can rest assured there is an HOA. Many non-gated communities also have HOA boards. The rules concerning pets vary greatly from community to community and the type of home you are buying can have an effect on the types of pet rules.

In general Single Family Homes have less stringent pet rules while condominiums usually have stricter rules. It is important to note that in Florida a condo is not only a unit in a multistory building. A villa, a townhome or even a duplex may be a condo. It really depends on what the HOA manages. If you own the property it is probably not a condo. If the HOA is responsible for the roof and siding, it most likely is a condo.

The five important things you need to know:
1. Most HOAs have pet rules of some kind
2. Before you purchase a home or before your due diligence period has ended, get a copy of the HOA rules and read them.. Make sure the pet rules are to your liking.
3. The types of rules to look for include breed, number of pets, and size of pet. Some communities do not allow “aggressive breeds”.
4. If you intend to rent the home, ensure your renters know and follow the HOA rules. You are responsible for their behavior.
5. If you have a service animal such as a trained, documented seeing eye or hearing ear dog, the Americans with Disabilities Act may supersede HOA rules. Clear it with the HOA beforehand.

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