Our favorite beach for shelling is none other than the number one beach in the U.S. – Siesta Key! It isn’t the only beach where you can find great shells, but it does have an edge.

A good place to access Siesta Key for shelling is Beach Access 12. You will enter at the southern end of the beach which is called Crescent Beach. After crossing the Intercoastal on Stickney Point, make a left. Beach access 12 is a quick right turn. Parking is limited but you can also find parking across the street. In the early morning you should be able to find a spot.

The best time to go shelling is early in the morning at low tide, after a storm. The storm will wash shells up on the beach and low tide makes it mush easier to find them. You can download an app that will tell you when the tide will be low.

Do not remove shells with live animals. It is illegal to remove live queen conchs and you could face a steep fine.

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Q & A Excerpt From the Video

  • [Dave] So give us some tips about shelling. Is there a good time of day, a perfect time of day to go shelling?
  • [Victoria] Actually, low tide is always a wonderful time. It’s the best time to go shelling, my favorite time. Low tide after a storm is wonderful! You can get these nice little tide apps on your phone that will let you know day to day when the lowest tide is. You’ll also know the weather, so you can really put together some great shelling times.
  • [Dave] Well, we’re here early in the morning. Is morning better than evening?
  • [Victoria] Not necessarily, no. It’s really not about morning or evening, but then again, evening is after everyone else has picked them over all day long. So first thing in the morning, at low tide right at dawn is my favorite. You have the best shot at getting out there and getting the best shells before everyone else does.
  • Okay, what about beaches? We’re at Siesta Key. Is this your favorite beach? We have 8 or more beaches…
  • [Victoria] Yeah, we do. Actually, for shelling, it’s my favorite beach. Because really, on Siesta Key, a bad day of shelling is a good day anywhere else. It’s really amazing here.